A minimal synthesiser & sequencer for iPadOS


Assemble is a synthesiser and sequencer for creating musical patterns in iPadOS or macOS on Apple Silicon Macs.


Assemble’s audio engine features a synthesiser with four bandlimited wavetable oscillators and two 16x-oversampled effects, including a tempo-synchronised, modulated stereo delay, and a vibrato. The parameters of each oscillator and each audio effect can be modified easily in real-time. Its bandlimited oscillators and oversampled audio effects produce a clean and rich sound with virtually no aliasing.

The synthesiser can be played by sequencing patterns of notes with Assemble’s sequencer. A sequence can include as many as eight sixteen-step patterns, which can be played discretely in Pattern Mode or sequentially in Song Mode. Once a sequence is complete, it can be named and saved locally on your device.

Assemble’s sequencer constructs music from sequences of musical patterns, which are laid out as coloured nodes on a grid. Sequences can be saved locally or recorded in real-time and shared online. Assemble can generate video clips from your recordings with two modes of visualisation: either a waveform plot or a Lissajous plot.

Assemble was written for the iPad, but it runs well in macOS on Apple Silicon Macs, too. In order to target the iPhone, Assemble Light pairs Assemble’s underlying audio engine with a simpler and more compact UI.

Usage Example

Video clips generated by Assemble